Offered services

Eral-teck SA offers excellent services in a young and dynamic environment with the ability to collaborate and work together in a transparent way to achieve any goal thanks to the expertise of its team.

  • Development of drawings and projects

  • Technical consultancy for parts production

  • Complete manufacturing process (from material procurement to treatments)

  • Quality control

  • Certification of materials, processes and treatments

  • Issue of measurement and control reports

  • Dynamism and flexibility in the creation of quality and control documents according to needs

  • Free estimates

  • Assistance before, during and after

  • Transport (collection and delivery)

For many years, the company has also collaborated with important suppliers, thus having the opportunity to offer to its customers a complete and 360 ° service by executing on request:

  • Thermal treatments

  • Oxidation

  • Passivations and washes of all kinds

  • TIG or LASER welding

  • Procurement of materials of all types and sizes (with certificates)

Always flexible and dynamic in order to satisfy any further customer request.